The Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Switzerland was founded on 11 June 1993. Its aim is to improve the quality of Japanese teachers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The main activity of our association is to organize twice-yearly training seminars. The seminars take place in spring and autumn and are supported by the Japanese Embassy and, in most cases, by the Japan Foundation.

These seminars focus not only on further education, but also on personal contacts. Teachers have the opportunity to exchange information and experience among each other and thereby build up a network. This is particularly valuable for teachers who teach in remote places and thus have difficulty obtaining help.

Participation in these seminars is also open to non-members.

In addition, the association owns and manages more than 1'000 books and teaching materials for Japanese teaching. Most of them are gifts from the Japan Foundation. The Association of Japanese Teachers lends them to the members as "Aminome Bunko". More detailed information about the teaching materials library can be found under "Aminome Bunko"

A seminar report will be published after each seminar. In addition, a report is published once a year, "Koryu 交流".
A voluntary working group is working on a Japanese textbook for bilingual children. The first volume has been published with the support of the Japan Foundation.


Executive Committee:

President :Chiharu Mühlebach Nagura
Vice president / Library : Aya Sarperi
RP (Press) / Seminar report: Masako Muri-Takasugi
Treasurer / Webste: Mari Suzuki-Ramm                                                                                                                                


Do you have questions or would you like to become a member of the association? Please get in touch with us through contact: お問い合わせ contact.

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